because it’s been too long

I’m pre-dating this post so that it follows right after my dad’s birthday on the blog. Here are some photos of the nieces and nephews. I can’t believe how big the older ones are getting. And how grown up the younger ones seem. It was also fun to take some action shots of them. My brothers and sisters will be so sad if I ever decide to stop taking pictures…
Probably my favorite pic of the whole sledding expedition!
The same niece, looking a little less crazy. šŸ™‚
Can you see the mud flying?
Love the tongue on this one…this was her face down almost every run.
My oldest nephew…I can’t believe he’s almost 17. And my niece who is almost 8!
My nephew wore his hat like this basically the whole time. Trust me, he was having fun, even though you can’t see it on his face like you can on his cousin’s.
So much fun!

At the end of a very fun afternoon of sledding…

bueller?... bueller?... bueller?

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