blogs bring people together

Technology is such an interesting thing. People like to pontificate about how technology is suffocating humanity. I have a sister who doesn’t say exactly that, but she cannot understand my love of twitter and blogs, etc, etc.

I’ve written before about why I started blogging, but I don’t know if I’ve ever fully described how blogging has enriched my life through the people I’ve met as a result of it. The impetus for this post? The book club I attended yesterday with a number of other bloggers. All of us strangers. Brought together by technology.

I’ve followed Meg’s blog for a while now. I think part of what I like so much about her is her honesty and the way she shares that honesty through words and pictures and poetry, etc, etc. I’m a fan. She decided to start a book club to meet some new people in the city. While I’m always apprehensive about these things, I’ve had enough experiences meeting fellow bloggers and all have been good, so I jumped on the chance.

Of course, when yesterday rolled around, part of me was tempted to not go. It would have been so easy to not show up. But then I thought about how much courage it probably took to invite a bunch of random people to a book club and I just couldn’t not go. So, there we were. Thirteen strangers. Brought together by a desire to meet some new people…and maybe also getting to meet Meg in real life. She just seems like someone anyone would want to be friends with. (These are the things I say that make my sister think I’m crazy.)

And yes, it was scary to just show up. And of course I was worried about making a good first impression. I always worry about those things. And maybe it took a little bit to get warmed up, but we did get warmed up and I met some very nice, very intelligent, very interesting people. People who live in my neighborhood, even. People I would have likely never met had it not been for this book club.

the book club
(names to follow next month)

And so once again, I’m grateful for technology and how it can bring people together.

And now, in honor of this, a quick homage to my blogger friends who are now real life friends:

  • My favorite marathon buddy, Anne
  • My other Moab partners (Anne was there, too), Christy and Jen
  • Hannah who was one of my favorite Utah (now Texas) bloggers (who I also ran a race with)
  • And then there are all of the bloggers I met through Jill’s blogger parties; I still read most of the blogs of the people I met through that one party back in 2007
  • The people I met through the first blogger book club I went to (admittedly, I only ever read one of the books and didn’t actually read it in time for the discussion)

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