officially a new yorker

Okay, so maybe not a New Yorker exactly, but I do now live in New York. (I’m not sure how long I’ll have to live here to call myself a New Yorker, or if I ever can if I wasn’t born here…)

In any case, after four days of driving across the country with Sarah and staying with Katie, Jennifer, and Jenny, we finally arrived in New York Friday night. Let me just tell you what a welcomed sight the Empire State building was when we first saw it from New Jersey. Four days of driving is rough…especially after discovering that I can in fact get carsick while driving, even though I have only been carsick one other time in my entire 32 years of life. Other than the driving part, it was really fun to see the country and catch up with friends along the way.

But now, I am here, sitting on my bed, in my apartment in my new city. We unloaded the truck Saturday morning (two of the guys interning here for the summer came over to help out…which made it go sooo fast) and then I sat and stared at the pile of boxes that had taken over my entire apartment. It’s amazing how much stuff fit into one little 10-foot truck. Since then, I’ve just been trying to get it all unpacked and organized…managing to also install my AC unit with lots of help from Sarah (it was 99* yesterday), squeeze in a Yankees game with Kelly, church, some fireworks, locking myself out of my apartment, and the Monday night movie in Bryant park.

Pictures courtesy of KP…since I haven’t downloaded any yet…or taking many for that matter.

Sarah keeps talking about how New York days are longer and I have to agree. It just seems you can fill them with so much more. I can’t believe how much I’ve done in the past three days. I also can’t believe how much more I have to do before I start working…the whole reason I now live in this city. Sometimes I forget that working is a part of this whole thing. I forget it until I start stressing about how expensive it is to live here, and then I remember that I will have a paycheck…eventually.

(Don’t worry, you’ll get to see pictures of the apartment in progress…along with a post about how overwhelming moving to New York is…)

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