my new digs

I don’t know if there are words to express how much I LOVE my new apartment. For those of you who haven’t been keeping track, I have been living at home for FOUR years. If that doesn’t sound pathetic… Anyway, when I moved home I left a lot of my stuff in storage (more on that later) because when you go from a three-bedroom home to a studio there just isn’t room for everything.

Most people who move from just about anywhere in the U.S. to New York find themselves downsizing dramatically. I, however, am not most people. I cannot explain how excited I am to have a bedroom, and kitchen with more than two cupboards, and an actual living area where there’s room for some kind of sofa, and a bathroom where the ceiling doesn’t slant. And now, I give you my new apartment…in progress.

This is the entry way. It’s a long, narrow hallway. The bathroom is off to the left.

The bathroom. I have to have two shower curtains to go around the whole tub, but that’s okay. In some apartments in New York, the shower head is not at one end of the tub, but in the middle. I was so excited to see that such was not the case in my apartment. And my little sink with my little mirror. Guess who’s throwing out all kinds of beauty stuff.

My living room/kitchen combo. Finding an apartment with this in my budget was not super easy. There’s enough room in the living room for me to get two loveseats and have an entertainments center of sorts. Amazing. Additionally, I have a fabulous breakfast bar, which means no need for a kitchen table…which I don’t have room for. However, that box under the bar on the right contains the most amazing foldable table that, when not in use, fits right there and will give me FOUR extra drawers. And, in case you were wondering, my kitchen is HUGE by New York standards. Huge!

And here is my bedroom! I have an actual bedroom (I thought for sure I would be in a studio.) And it has TWO windows which means lots of natural light. I just purchased this fabulous bed (still need to finish it) that will actually fit my luggage under it. In New York, it is all about storage space…as in, no one has any, so you have to get creative. I LOVE this bed. (The “bedspread” is a temporary fix…I didn’t have room to pack my bedding on the flight).

The closet you see here is the ONLY one in the entire apartment which means I will have to get creative with my clothes. Thus the bed with four drawers and a cabinet. I will also been purchasing a dresser of some sort. And my shoes…well, I got a shoe rack for the back of my door that will hold 36 pairs. Too bad that’s only about half of my shoes. I’ll figure it out. Part of me figuring it out is me selling all kinds of stuff. Clothes, shoes, books, kitchen things, and a number of pieces of furniture.

If you live in Utah County and want to know what I’m selling, shoot me an email at

2 thoughts on “my new digs

  1. wow I'm sooooo happy for you!!! this apartment is awesome WOW :)I'd love to move to NYC myself .. but clearly, as a student, I can't afford it LOLhave a wonderful day and fun in ur new palace :)xx Martina

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