post-grad fun!

Just some girls having a good time on a little post-grad road trip. We didn’t take enough pictures…because we were too busy having fun! First stop was Mesquite, NV (a poor man’s Vegas). We played bingo. We slept…which, if you’ve ever been through an MBA program you know, is a big deal. We lounged by the pool. Then it was on to Las Vegas. We enjoyed the luxury that was our suite at the Venetian. Relaxed in the beautiful Italian Garden hot tubs. Spent a little money at all of the fabulous outlets…including Coach (my new purse is classically beautiful and navy blue). And I finally got to see a Cirque de Soleil show; Mystere. It was a fantastic trip! Hopefully we’ll do it again soon!!!

1 thought on “post-grad fun!

  1. wow. that trip sounds dreamy in every way! wish I could go on a trip exactly like that!! Glad you had fun and I, too, can't believe it's over!! It seems like you were just here in Seattle eating breakfast with us at that rinky dink place discussing all your schooling options!

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