to bleach or not to bleach

What to do? I’ve now been a brunette for a little almost five months. It has been fun. It’s a totally different look, but by paying a small fortune for someone to color it who really knows her stuff, I have to say that I think I have made a fabulous brunette. That said, I miss my blond locks. Until my mid-twenties, they were naturally blond, and then it gradually darkened and I gradually lightened, and so I remained a blonde. The change has been fun, but I thought I’d be used to looking in the mirror and seeing a brunette by now. I’m not. I love how it looks, it just doesn’t look like me. I still do double takes.

The executive decision…I’m going back to being a blonde in a little over two weeks (my next appointment). I’m going to enjoy the brown hair while it lasts, but I’m excited to feel like me again. Also, I don’t like having roots that are lighter than my hair color…I keep thinking I look like I’m going gray (which, incidentally, I am not…I thought I found one gray hair, but I couldn’t be sure) and that makes me crazy, too.

Feel free to share your thoughts on it. My dad did. He informed me that he didn’t like my brown hair, which was almost enough for me to keep it that way for the rest of my life, but I try not to let my pride dictate my actions. Try being the operative word. The truth is I love being a blonde who hails from California. Cliche? Yes. But I don’t care.

Now I just have to decide on a new style. Keep the bangs? Grow them out? Chop it more? Go back to long? Can I just say how lucky I feel to have so many options? I truly appreciate my hair and all that I can do with! I know not everyone is this lucky.

3 thoughts on “to bleach or not to bleach

  1. Chloe! Love it both ways, but as a blonde sister I still am, I like you as a blonde just a bit better. I've done dark and back to blonde and I just feel more fun and young with my blonde locks! You are beautiful either way~it definitely gives you a totally diff look. I think kinda short with maybe some bangs~I have a a line~short in back and a little longer on the sides and I LOVE IT~it's been the one style I have kept the longest! Do whatever makes u happy! Love u!!

  2. chica, if i had your hair, i would do whatever i wanted, whenever i wanted. i do love the blonde. i think the brunette is fun, but it would be fun to go blonde right as spring is starting…

  3. I love both looks, but my eyes keep gravitating to the blonde picture of you. You should duplicate that look exactly. 🙂

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