learning takes practice and patience

The month of love is over, however, I still have more love to share. I’ve done some of it retroactively, but since I just did this tonight (finally), I didn’t want to lie on my blog.

A few weeks ago, I saw a this great picture on Nicole Hill’s blog that had been edited using something called tilt-shift. Not being super into photoshop, I’d never heard of this (come to find out it is all the rage). Anyway, I really wanted to try this out, but I needed to be able to take some pictures from the right angles. So, while in New York, I took the opportunity to take some pictures for the sole purpose of being able to practice editing them.

I kind of forgot about them once I downloaded the pictures, and then tonight on my reader I saw this post on a friend’s family blog and it reminded me that I wanted to do try it out. Kelly had told me that I could find a tilt-shift action, so I did and downloaded it. (If you want to know how to do it without an action, there’s a great tutorial–and example–here.)

Here are my first attempts at using it:

Now that I have used the action, I have realized that this is not as easy as I had hoped–is anything?–but it is fun to play with photoshop. I tried to use a few different techniques and I can definitely tell the difference. Lots to learn, but very fun!

March 1 (in place of Feb. 25) – I love learning new skills…even if it isn’t as easy as it looks.

4 thoughts on “learning takes practice and patience

  1. this is one of my very favorite effects ever in photoshop. ryan played around with it with some of our pictures from china. some pictures just lend themselves to the tilt-shift effect and it's incredible! there is actually a tilt-shift lens that does the shifting in camera. my friend julia {you've met?} used it when she went to europe over the new year. you should check it out on her blog: julia-wade.com

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