getting my fix

Just across from Kelly’s apartment is a Starbucks (which, by the way, describes like 50% of the apartments in New York…well, a Starbucks and/or a Dunkin’ Doughnut). I explained to Kelly that this would be problematic for me if I lived there because I am a Starbucks junkie.

Now, you might wonder what a nice Mormon girl who doesn’t drink coffee would be doing in a Starbucks on a daily basis. Well, I will tell you. She’s getting a venti nonfat with whip hot chocolate. Or sometimes it’s a venti nonfat with whip tan/marble/zebra/tuxedo hot chocolate (I just learned during my visit to the Starbucks here how many ways there are to describe a hot chocolate that is half white chocolate and half dark chocolate). And sometimes I add peppermint.

In general, I am a hot chocolate fan…because I pretty much love anything chocolate. But Starbucks’ is hands down my favorite. I love how dark and bitter it is. There is seriously nothing that compares. Okay. I retract that statement. I do love Max Brenner’s hot chocolate, but that is a decadent treat that I can’t afford on a regular basis and is not nearly as accessible. In fact, this trip to New York was my first ever without a trip to Max Brenner because it just wasn’t in the plans. However, I managed to get my fill of Starbucks to make up for it. Just ask Kelly.

Feb. 21 – I love Starbucks’ hot chocolate. (And if you really knew me, you’d know that I will always ask them to put the mocha syrup on top, which they are always supposed to do, but often don’t…and no, it contains no coffee in it, it’s just the syrup they use to make mochas.)

bueller?... bueller?... bueller?

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