a hike to stewart falls

I called my friend AnnMarie when I got back to P-town to see if she wanted to get together for lunch, or maybe go for a hike. I’ve always wanted to hike to Stewart Falls, but just never have. (Don’t you love how many things we all “want to do” that never happen because we don’t make plans.) She opted for hiking. So this morning, I got my overtired, insomniac self out of bed at 7:40 am (working is going to be painful if I can’t figure out what my issues with sleep are) and met up with AM.

It was absolutely beautiful. The weather, which we questioned initially, held and we were able to hike in perfect conditions; cool, slightly moist, and a beautiful covering of clouds. It was just what I needed to get me out of my little funk. I love just having time to talk, especially to someone whose thoughts and opinions I really value, and it was so great to be able to do it in such beautiful surroundings. I felt refreshed both mentally and physically afterward (once we got back to the car after taking a loop we didn’t realize would be quite as long as it was).

The sign says 1.5 miles. What we didn’t know was how long the walk from Sundance up to the car was going to be. Turns out around 1.5 miles. And after the 2 miles we’d already hiked at this point, the sun that eventually came out when we were on the road (which was uphill the whole way) with no trees to shade us, we were ready to be done.

But we both decided that the extra mileage (we’d planned to just go there and back) was well worth the better views. It’s so easy to forget how beautiful a place is when it’s right in your backyard. I think I might actually miss these mountains this summer. Thankfully, I’ll be back in time to see the leaves change.I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but if you’ve never been up to Sundance in Utah (not the film festival which takes place mainly in Park City, but the actual Sundance), it’s so worth it.

And now my question is, why when there are so many things to get out and do when we want to be social, do we so often opt for food? (Okay…in NY, I get it. But not here.)

4 thoughts on “a hike to stewart falls

  1. see it’s this kind of stuff tha makes me miss utah so bad! GORGEOUS!glad you took advantage of your own backyard and crossed off something on your to-do list.

  2. Oh and the food question–because we all have it in common. We all have to eat. It’s the easy answer. I’ve tried getting friends to do other things before, but people’s tastes are so different around what they want to do with their time…it makes it hard. Food…everyone has to eat…

  3. I love hiking Stewart Falls!!! I have been waiting to go- wanting to avoid a muddy hike.And your question at the end- I am trying to change that but keep getting resistance from my friends! There is so much to do around here that has nothing to do with food 🙂

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