photography class

I’m taking a class from one of my besties, Candice. It is run through It’s called Portraiture 101. I am LOVING it. I feel like I am learning so much. I will be taking her basic class next, Oh Shoot! (I’m going in reverse order.)

Anyway, my first week of shooting was with my sister’s kids, so I will not be posting any of those here. But when I stopped in Vegas on my way back to P-town, I forced my three-year-old nephew into modeling for me. (Yes, it was forced.)

Here are a couple of shots, showing what a difference a scrim can make in outdoor shots. The top is without the scrim (he wouldn’t uncover his eyes because of the sunlight…I don’t blame him), then two with the scrim–and I totally put the ladybug on his face.

3 thoughts on “photography class

  1. I think it would be so fun to take a photography class. I need to use a scrim…Thomas is ALWAYS squinting in outdoor pictures-very sensitive to light.

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