my nephew…the breakdancer

We were down on the Strip tonight (I’m in Vegas), getting some delicious ice cream. When we came out, there was some music blaring from the outdoor bar, right next to Harrah’s. My niece (age 15 months) and nephew (age 3.5) both started dancing. There were some women in the bar (on the other side of a little fence) who started watching them.

And suddenly, out of nowhere, with no prior instruction or any way he would have seen this, Tannon starts to breakdance. Yes! BREAKDANCE. This got a huge response out of the women…which just egged him on. Breakdancing it was from then on. We were all (the grown ups) laughing to the point of tears. It was so funny.

These photos aren’t the best quality (I should have turned my flash on much sooner…so most of them are pretty blurry, but you can definitely tell these kids are moving). I’m posting them anyway because I think they are hilarious. They are in chronological order…from the two dancing together, to Tannon ruling the breakdancing world. Love it!

P.S. In case you were wondering, I do love all of my nieces and nephews, but my sister has asked that I not post pictures of her kiddies on my blog (for reasons I completely understand), unless I go private (which I don’t want to do)…just know that I had a fabulous two weeks in AZ with all of my nieces and nephews down there.

bueller?... bueller?... bueller?

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