the girls of 310

This weekend was absolutely fantastic. I could not have imagined just how much I needed it and just what an effect being together with all of these fabulous women would have on me. Once upon a time, this little group of girls were fortunate enough to all end up in Apartment 310 and become fast friends. Today, while lives have changed and diverged, we still are the best of friends and it was so good to have the gang back together again.

I wish I could explain what it was like for the six of us to get together. It’s different than having a “best friend” or a “close friend”. The dynamic of a group of friends is just not the same. We are all so different, and yet those differences are what makes us such a great combination. Each one of us brings something wonderful to the table and I cannot imagine this group without any one of its current members. It’s something I don’t think will ever be duplicated in my life and I feel so blessed to have this because I don’t think it’s very common.

The six of us met in Las Vegas. We laughed as we reminisced about our silly antics. We cried as we shared some of the trials of the last few years. We remembered what we were like then and remarked how we have all changed. We shopped like crazy and talked for hours. And while the conversations have evolved from boys (our favorite topic back then) to things that are somewhat more meaningful, there were moments when I really felt like I was 19 again and this weekend was the norm, rather than the exception. And there were moments when I missed that carefree life (hindsight can be really distorted sometimes), but then I looked at the six of us and the amazing women we have all become and I realized I wouldn’t go back. I love where we are today. I love how our friendship has grown, deepened, and changed.

It appeared to be the quintessential “girls’ weekend” and anyone looking at us would have thought we had not a care in the world. I imagine that some people would have even looked at us and thought that we were all about shopping and having fun. Neither of those things would be true.

What is true is that with all of my trials and stresses, and all of my triumphs and joys, my life is so much better because I have these women with whom to share it. And it’s not because I talk to them every day, or even every month; it’s because when I need them, I know they will be there. And I will do the same for them.

4 thoughts on “the girls of 310

  1. we did a girls weekend in SF a few years ago with my sorority girls. i totally agree that part of me wished we were 20 again but most of me was just so proud of who we have all become. And i firmly believe that having such amazing girlfriends helps you become a fabulous woman.

  2. You really do have something special. You are lucky. I have a few old roommates who I remain close to, but not an entire apartment. Glad you had such a great time!

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