a bbq

l-r Allison, Michelle, Mathew, Oliver, and me

Here is my committee from the Opening Social. This is why I was able to look so on top of things; a team of incredibly reliable individuals. I trusted them. They delivered. How nice is that?

The Opening Social went off without a hitch. We were left with a few too many buns (better than not enough), but only three hamburgers and maybe 10 hot dogs. I consider that pretty good planning. I have no idea how many people were there, but they ate just under 500 hamburgers and hot dogs. We had six grills going. It was crazy and fantastic.

And best of all, we came in under budget thanks to the help of Mathew’s fabulous wife, Monica, who did the price checking and purchasing at Sam’s Club, after I did the price checking at Costco. Yes, it took a little extra time, but by purchasing things at both locations, we managed to save around $50. On a tight budget, that’s a big deal.

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