interesting thoughts – bullet point style

I need to:

  • be less full of myself
  • give less advice
  • believe that I am someone worth dating
  • figure out how to be confident, but not obnoxious
  • be humble, but not self-deprecating
  • keep my first impressions to myself
  • always be kind
  • think before I speak
  • not have to be the leader of everything
  • believe that others (even those I would deem less intelligent than I) might know more than I do
  • create a budget
  • have more faith
  • pray to get married…okay, maybe just to date for now
  • believe I can lose weight
  • read more
  • eat less
  • let others lead me
  • take less advice, when it’s not wanted
  • keep the Sabbath better
  • work harder
  • procrastinate less
  • prioritize better

Now the question is, how do I change those behaviors? What goals do I set for myself? I just don’t know. Something to think about.

bueller?... bueller?... bueller?

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