family reunion – summary

This weekend was the second occasional (as opposed to annual) family reunion for my mom’s side of the fam. The last one we had was 12 years ago (we’re tight like that…actually, I really do see them all relatively regularly, just not all at the same time). Two of my cousins couldn’t make it as they are one missions for our church, and my uber pregnant wasn’t able to attend, but otherwise we were all there. I got back to P-town Sunday night and had a week full of fun and activities including Lagoon, model plane flying (I only observed), running, picnics, Seven Peaks, shooting, a talent show, and fireworks.

I have about 500 (literally) pictures to sift through, but for now, I’ll leave you with a few from my shooting experience with my two brothers. It was quite fun. I must say that I’m a fan of shooting…especially once I managed to finally pull the trigger.

I only shared this last one because we all got such a good laugh from it. Yes, both my eyes are totally closed. I tried to keep the one open, but only managed to on occasion. I’ll get better.

1 thought on “family reunion – summary

  1. That picture is hilarious! I love to shoot as well- it is just so fun. Glad you are having a great time with family. Your whole summer has just been so awesome sounding.

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