a little shout out

One of my sisters has been working on the same case at her law firm for the last 2 and a half years and the trial finally starts today (unless the judge decides to push it back at the last minute, which he might). She is the reason that I was in California and will be returning there at the beginning of next week. She is currently living in a hotel with several other people from her firm (doesn’t that sound fun???) for the next month while they try this case and I get to work as her personal assistant (or slave, as she likes to call me).

Anyway, I doubt she’ll have time to read this (so I’ll probably email her, too), but I just wanted to send her a little love via the blogosphere. I seriously don’t know how she survives her job sometimes!

3 thoughts on “a little shout out

  1. I’m really impressed with Erika. She works amazingly hard and is awesome while she does it. I’m really sad that she’s not going to be at the reunion though. 😦 It’s been too long since I’ve seen her.

  2. Well, sometimes you just need a dose of reality. So….Thanks Chloe!!! And thank you for all your help last week! (and the weeks to come).

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