long overdue

So, since the iPhone became a part of my life, I rarely get on the computer to use the internet, and while posting from the iPhone is possible, pictures aren’t so easy…because they aren’t all on my iPhone. (And to those of you who read my blog and have heard about the new, smaller, faster, cheaper iPhone, here’s the thing, I have no intention of parting with my more expensive, bigger iPhone…I don’t know how I ever lived without this). Back to my point, so, I rarely get on my computer to get online.

Tonight, however, I needed to send a longer email (and I type much faster on a regular keyboard with ten fingers), so I’m on the laptop and decided that I needed to post some pics.

These are from my trip to Vegas a couple of weeks ago (and for those of you wondering why I never post pics of my adorable niece with whom I’m spending most of my waking – and sleeping – hours, it’s because her parents have asked me not to, and not because I don’t love her or think she’s photo worthy…I have taken over 400 pics of her since I’ve been here).

Okay, so here are the Vegas cuties. I took these with my brother and sis-in-law’s camera (same as mine, but they have a 55-200 mm lens that I covet regularly); just a little fun at the park:

This is the only one that I wanted to caption (the rest speak for themselves, I think), but this is my sweet nephew, who loves to give hugs (when he’s in the mood) and he randomly decided he needed to give this little girl a hug. It was absolutely adorable. My favorite is that he says “hug” before he hugs you!

One more caption. T. is a sponge and just, as most 2 year olds, absorbs everything around him. Anyway, this is him in the process of doing a little power grunt that he learned while watching Flushed Away (a surprisingly cute movie). He also learned how to “spit and shake” (although the spitting T. does is fake…just a little ptoo) from that movie. Seriously adorable!

7 thoughts on “long overdue

  1. H. is seriously adorable. Such a sweetheart. T. doing the power grunt is hilarious. And I’m seriously jealous of the hug. I’m hoping to get one between the trial and Europe.

  2. How cute are my kids in those pics??? Glad to see that your still alive…Although probly just barely ☺…1 year olds are into everything!

  3. Yay! A post from you! I was just thinking of you last night and wondering how things are going. 🙂

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