I just finished Season 4 of Lost. I am totally caught up, and all I can say is, “holy crap!” That, and I can’t believe that I now have to wait with the rest of you.

The good news is that my sister will be watching them during her maternity leave (my brother-in-law is addicted and, as such, kept watching without her), so I can rewatch them with her…you know, while I’m not helping her with her two babies. No, she’s not having twins, but M. just turned a year, so she will still be a baby when New Baby comes along in July.

4 thoughts on “done

  1. So, are you a Jack fan or a Locke fan? Seems most people are one or the other…..not usually both! I got my boyfriend hooked on it too. He kind of watched Season 4 with me (as he had no choice in the matter!!) and then began to get interested in it. He watched seasons 1-3 in like a week! šŸ™‚

  2. I thought it got a little Star Trek-y in the Season finale with the big wheel and all of that. I always make fun of Trekkies, but now that I’m hooked on Lost I find myself watching this sci-fi stuff and really liking it. I hated that Jin died. Hated it more than when Charlie died. I was so mad. I also wonder what’s going to happen to the people in the little boat that weren’t on the island or the freighter when the island moved.

  3. you seriously have to watch lost at least 10 times to get everything. i bet it’s a lot better watching it straight through like you did. great tv!! hope you’re having fun with the fam.

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