and it begins…

On top of my new role as nanny, my current situation volunteering for Sowers of Hope, a new job selling ads online, two online classes I have to complete before July 1st, I also found out on Friday that Christy and I got in to the St. George Marathon. While I would have been super sad not to get in, I am now remembering how time consuming training is. I have a fun relay coming up in June (that and a family reunion will be the only time I spend in Utah this summer) that I have not been training for like I should have been, but something about 26.2 miles in October has given me new motivation. Too bad the heat of Arizona summer kills said motivation every time I walk out the door to run.

I think I’ve got a long road ahead of me. And in case you didn’t already think me completely insane, Christy and I will also be running the Las Vegas Marathon in December. I’d hate to waste all of that training (you can see my other upcoming races on the sidebar) on just one marathon…so I thought the week before finals would be a great time to run another one. Thankfully my most excellent and favorite (and only…ha ha ha) brother-in-law will be purchasing a jogging stroller soon (maybe today), so I will be able to do my runs in the morning when Babykins first wakes up.

Ah, the life of the a single thirty-year-old who, apparently, thinks she really can do everything. If you’ll just keep visiting the blog, I’m sure a mental and/or emotional and/or physical breakdown is just around the corner and the posts about it are sure to be entertaining. Let the good times roll!

14 thoughts on “and it begins…

  1. wow–you are inspiring. I wish you luck in your training. I heard about your blog from Hannah. Are you in AZ? I have a great friend who is also 30 and single and lives in AZ. So fun. ANywho…hope you don’t mind if I read your blog from time to time. I also run by the way…haven’t done a full marathon as of yet though.

  2. one was definitely enough for me but i’m so excited for you to be the marathon queen! i hope we see each other at Ragnar!

  3. Wow, it sounds like you have a seriously busy (but rewarding) summer ahead of you! Congrats on getting into the St. George Marathon.I’m excited to read about how everything goes! Good luck-especially for running in the AZ heat! Yikes!

  4. Oh, sweet — thanks for the heads up on the impending breakdown! (Seriously, good luck on your training. I cannot even imagine.)

  5. I want to do the Vegas marathon with you. Never down one. I go back and forth wanting to do one, and I think I just need to do it . . . . . I think!

  6. Congrats on all the signing up for races! I was going to start training for Hobble Creek this week and then got sick. So, next week it begins! If you have time to visit when you are in Logan before the Wasatch Back, give me a ring, I’d love to see you!I am sure that you are, in fact, super nanny!Good luck training in AZ! Maybe you can run at 2 am???

  7. yay for all the running!! maybe someday i’ll be as cool as you. and maybe you’ll come back to utah a few more times? i’m already bored. ha. 😉

  8. I thought about coming out for Las Vegas, but I don’t know if I could do it. My body completely shut down after St. George next year and I’m afraid that will happen again. I’m going to miss running with you!

  9. So should I congratulate you on getting in or offer my condolences! Training is time consuming, that is why I had to come to the painful decision to not go for St. George this year. You seriously have quite a bit coming up and I know you will figure out the heat/training thing and rock it all. Even though I don’t want you to break down, I know your recount of it will be entertaining, so in a twisted way, I can’t wait to read how it all unfolds.

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