nashville revisited (and bobby flay is an egomaniac)

So, I was wrong. One of the counselor’s at work (a fellow foodie) corrected me. Bobby Flay actually won the throwdown at the Loveless Cafe.

While we’re on the subject, though, (for those of you who watch Throwdown) can I just say how obnoxious I think the premise of this whole show is? It is totally obnoxious.

“Hi, I’m Bobby Flay and I’m going to come to your establishment and make a similar product and show that in just a week I can do it better than you can, even though you’ve been doing it for years.”

What a punk!

The only redeeming quality the program has is that you get to see these super cool places that are famous for whatever it is they make…which is how I knew about the Loveless Cafe.

5 thoughts on “nashville revisited (and bobby flay is an egomaniac)

  1. It is an odd show, although I still like to watch it. But it is kind of awkward when Bobby Flay wins. Zack hates the fact that they have to go up against Bobby who uses the finest and usually expensive ingredients and so of course they are going to taste better in some ways than the food you sell to the masses. Otherwise these places would go out of business. But again, it’s still fun to watch the process.

  2. Linc hates Bobby Flay with passion- back in our TV watching days anyway. The premise of that show does sound so rude and annoying. I can see why the restaurants do it though, I mean hello publicity! I still want to eat everything on that post- I seriously am making biscuits on Saturday because of it.

  3. Glad to hear I’m not alone in my dislike of Bobby Flay. I can remember tuning in to his show (about grilling) years ago and was immediately turned off by his attitude. Never watched him again and tend to turn the channel if he comes on.

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