dear you…inspired by the emotional roller coaster i’ve been riding all day

From the top…

Dear Job,

The truth is I’m pretty much over you. While the position of glorified secretary was exactly what I needed for the last year and a half, you have now outstayed your welcome…or I have outstayed mine, as the case may be. I’m tired of rarely needing to use my brain. I’m tired of feeling guilty because my actual work takes very little time…or thought. I’m tired of being surrounded by the inefficiencies of academia. I’m tired of working for a “not-for-profit” type of operation. Yep…I’m done. But, I refuse to leave a trail of chaos behind, so I am going to work my tail off for the next five weeks or so. But, I must say, May 9th will be a good day. Although, I will miss several of the people with whom I work…though not all of them.

With much impatience,


Dear Coworkers,

I was referring to the job, not you. And if you are reading this, it’s because you know it exists, which would be a clear indication that you are one of the people I am going to miss.



Dear Nev,

Sometimes you really, really, really hurt my feelings. And sometimes you are really grumpy. And sometimes those two things, combined with PMS, will cause me to cry intermittently all day long. I realize that in your world, fiscal responsibility is the end all be all of goodness in a human being. However, I do not live in your world. I live in my world.

With a tear-stained face and puffy eyes,


Dear BFFs,

Thanks for wanting to go to lunch with me today and sitting through all of my tears. Thanks for chatting with me online and being sympathetic even though your situation is similar…and perhaps more difficult than my own. Thanks for letting me rain on your respective parades. Thanks for being good listeners. It’s a good thing we have the internet, or all of your relocations would be too much for me to handle.



Dear Ticket Scalpers,

I think you are evil. I know that’s harsh, but I really do. I know many of you have justifications for why you did what you did today, but I really do think it’s wrong, especially for an event held in celebration of our nation’s birthday. Especially when the people most excited to see Mylie Cyrus are kids and tweenies. Especially when this is an event that some families go to every year as part of their family tradition and now they won’t be able to, unless they are willing to pay 2-10 times the original ticket price. Especially when I was online right when the tickets went on sale and I couldn’t even get one. I hope some of you reconsider.

Just remember, Karma’s a b#@!$ and She generally gets her revenge.

And to those of you who are considering purchasing tickets from scalpers, I hope you will take the opportunity to think about the value of money and what you are teaching your children by doing so. Mylie Cyrus is going to be paid either way. Do you really want your children growing up believing that one show was so “important” that is was worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars?


A girl who is totally disgusted by the things people will do to make money

Dear Birth Mothers,

You are amazing women. Thank you for being so absolutely and completely selfless.

With all the sincerity and love I have,


Dear Siblings,

Thank you for being fabulous! Thank you for listening to me go on and on…and on today, and attempting to understand me through all of my tears. Thank you for knowing me so well that when you answered the phone, you knew something was wrong before I even started talking. Thank you for your sound advice…and sitting on the phone with me much longer than I’m sure you wanted to. And thank you for being honest with me, so that when you agreed with me today, I could feel totally validated in my anger, frustration and hurt feelings. Thank you for providing me with beds and couches to crash on, places to visit, and, occasionally, income. I feel pretty blessed.


Your sister, who really hopes that she gives you guys as much as you give her

Dear Eyes,

I am really, really sorry about today. I know you never give me any grief. You don’t even have any vision issues. But I manage to cause you pain frequently enough. But really, it’s not me, it’s my over active tear ducts. Blame them. I’m sorry you are going to be so sore and swollen tomorrow. I am going to try really hard not to cry anymore…but I’m guessing it’s not going to work. I know that’s not the most positive way of thinking, but I have to be honest. Just know that your pain is my pain, too.


The girl with the Scandinavian genetics that really bug her from time to time

Dear WWs’ Scale,

Please be nice to me tomorrow. Pretty, pretty please.


The girl who is back…finally…with lots and lots of support

Dear PMS,

Why is it that you always, always come when I have a bad day; a day that I could normally handle without too much grief…or any tears? I’m sick of you.

With no love…especially since your existence is not doing me any good whatsoever,


13 thoughts on “dear you…inspired by the emotional roller coaster i’ve been riding all day

  1. i’m so mad about stadium of fire. i only want to send my adorable 9 year old handicap niece who is OBSESSED and would TOTALLY DIE to be there. she just sang I’ve got nerve at the ward talent show. i’ve got to find a way to get her there.

  2. I’m really sorry that you’ve been having a rough time lately, Chloe. But, I must say, it created one of your more entertaining posts lately. maybe I just thought that because I felt like I could relate to most of your “letters”. Love the one about the upcoming event down there in P-town. Totally ridiculous. Anyway, can’t wait to see you next week!!!

  3. I loved this “Dear You.” I haven’t had time to check your site in a while, so it was a treat. I’m sorry for the bad day, but glad you are able to share it with such eloquence. I could so relate, even though I’m not in a job (although taking care of 3 boys feels like a tear-inducing job at times), and I have no one remotely interested in Miley Cyrus tickets, no matter what the price! Hope your weekend makes up for the bad day! You made me smile.

  4. I think I need to do this at least once a month, and pretty much just throw up any thoughts or emotion and be free of it! Seems like it is a way to take a huge breath and leave it all behind. Hope you are feeling better!!!

  5. Dear friend, I hope that you understand that you can always call me and just cry on the phone. Or we can talk about something wonderful too… like a super trip to Chicago, or NY. Also please know that you can always make an exciting trip to the Natty. Love, An understanding friend who is looking forward to another chat with her friend.

  6. I too was frantically cursing the ticket scalpers at 5:00 yesterday. What a bunch of killjoys. It was going to be a treat for my kids, but now it’ll just be a treat for rich people’s kids.I then immediately googled the tickets out of curiosity, and already one site had them up (within 1/2 hour) for $245 each. They were in the $45 seats.Bastids.

  7. Amazing post, as always. Just wanted to send good brainwaves your way. I have similiar feelings about a lot of things today, especially tear ducts… although I was just dumb enough to put suncreen near my eyes this AM and then I made a dip with onions in it and I am totally blind from sunscreen seepage. I should just let my friends starve. In other news, I wanted to let you know that your WW posts inspired me to do join WW at work with my ladyfriends and I have been eating tres healthier lately. The booty thanks you, Chloe!

  8. Wow…that was seriously beautiful. I mean, not of course the fact that it sounds like you cried all day AND have PMS AND are ready to move on with your job AND didn’t get tickets to the coolest show around, but your writing itself is so expressive and truly amazing. I wish I was as good of a writer as you. And, I wish we lived closer and were closer friends so I could have shared some of the crying and talking with you!

  9. I had no idea Miley Cyrus was going to be at the FF this year. That’s what I get for being out of the Provo loop. What a shame, those stupid ticket scalpers are really going to ruin it for a lot of families that attend that as a tradition every year.Hope you’re feeling better.

  10. I’m feeling your pain on the work stuff. Glad you have an end in sight! I know it means little coming from a stranger but hang in there…

  11. Sorry you had a rough day, Chloe. Just yesterday (probably in the midst of your misery), I thinking about how much I appreciated our dinner and chat a couple of weeks ago. I hope you have a great day today!

  12. Yesterday was quite a day, wasn’t it? Hope you’re feeling better today. We get to listen to conference, go to a yummy restaurant, and see Ingrid! What’s not to like! (Plus you get to hang out with me, you lucky duck!)

  13. Thanks. Now I’m crying again. Ha. What a roller coaster week!! My brain hurts just thinking about it all. 🙂

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