obsessed with and addicted to…

  • food
  • eating out
  • the Wall Street Journal
  • tweezing…anything
  • 100 calorie packs
  • Fortune
  • reading blogs
  • the Internet
  • secret blogs
  • success
  • traveling
  • spending money
  • working (just not the work I’m paid to do)
  • communicating
  • facebook
  • email
  • reading
  • learning
  • thinking
  • dental hygiene
  • professional clothes
  • new camera lenses
  • being needed
  • perfection
  • thank you notes
  • shopping
  • my chubby body
  • makeup
  • products (skin, hair, whatever)
  • ordering things online
  • new music
  • debating
  • news
  • movies
  • volunteering
  • luxury

It’s a really good thing I never started smoking, drinking, gambling, etc.

If only I could get sleep onto the list. It’s not that I can’t sleep…I just don’t. Oh, and running.

Off to bed I go. Seriously. My head on the pillow before 10. That’s the goal. Too bad I have to floss, brush, mouthwash and retain (it’s a verb, I swear) my teeth, and wash, tone and moisturize my face…and eyes, and tweeze any random hair that managed to grow today. Fifteen minutes? As if!

8 thoughts on “obsessed with and addicted to…

  1. chloe – i think you should be a dental hygienist! i am so proud to know there are people in this world who care about their mouths (you may be one of the few i have yet to meet!). i love that dental hygiene made your list AND your nightly routine. way to go! ali

  2. Yes, I have am obsessed with and addicted to quite a few things on this list myself. I’m intrigued about “secret blogs.” What am I missing out on? And we will have to find each other on Facebook. Fun fun!

  3. i could add a few new obsessions to your list what with our pages of emails today. šŸ™‚ great list though!

  4. Awesome list- I think I need to do an art journal page along these lines…And that is quite a bedtime routine- my beauty regimen is soooo lacking. Sigh.

  5. i love the list! gotta remember to keep track of those things.decision day is upcoming right? i agree that snow is in the CON category; however, not sure you can escape it anywhere at this point. it NEVER snows here in march- or april, and yet, here we are. bummer.

  6. I think I a little bit obsessive myself. I can see why you don’t sleep. Your long list of before bedtime routine is keeping you from it. HA! Hope you made it last night…you had 24 mins.

  7. So have you figured out where you are going to be for grad school? V? The current location? (what with the newly better ranking and the obvious financial advantage)

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