i’m off…

I know I didn’t write much this week, which is a bit unusual for me. I think I was working so hard on this that I didn’t have any more in me.

Hopefully, this weekend will help. I’m off to the beautiful Bay Area for some much need R and R with my fabulous sister (she needs the R and R much more than I do). Our plans? We are spending tomorrow here after which we will be dining here. Oh, and I will get to eat (if it’s only dessert, do you still say “eat?”) here tonight.

When it comes to siblings, I have been incredibly blessed!!!

7 thoughts on “i’m off…

  1. I’m sure it’ll be difficult for you to spend the day at the spa, but how generous of you to do it for the sake of your sister. You really are selfless, taking one for the team like that 🙂

  2. Yum! I’m jealous of all of the food and spa fun, and especially the french food. Eat a pastry for me! Have a wonderful time…

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