in the mail

This week, the mail has been my friend. Normally, it brings bills and information about any number of business schools that I won’t be applying to, but this week was different. Sure, it helped that I ordered a few things online, but I was so surprised how quickly they all arrived.

So, here they are (and remember, we all choose to spend our money in different ways…don’t judge me).

  1. A letter from the IRS stating that I will be getting an additional $600 back from Uncle Sam.
  2. Cute, white shoes (not the easiest find in March) for working in my church’s temple. I spend five hours there one evening a week, and I’m on my feet a good portion of the time, so I felt it was worth a little investment to get shoes that were comfortable. They are amazing. Seriously amazing. I actually ended up ordering another pair (in a different style and color) because they are cute (okay, maybe not the latest trend…but still cute) and comfortable. Not the norm for me, I know.

  3. A nutrition scale. I actually used to have one (probably still do buried in the depths of my storage unit), but after spending five hours looking for it one Saturday, I decided that maybe it didn’t want to be found. I was just going to order the same one, but as with all things technology, some advancements have been made since I purchased my original one, so I ordered this one instead. It arrived on Monday. I am in love. (Is that possible?) It is amazing. I can add multiple ingredients and it keeps track of everything and will store it. No more guessing when I’m trying to calculate points. No more asking, “Is that 1.5 cups of whole strawberries? Sliced strawberries?” I can just put things on the scale and know immediately. Yes, yes, I think I really am in love.

  4. My new passport. My old one was going to expire in April and with a possible trip out of the country in May (I will be posting all about it soon), I really needed to get the new one before the old one expired. Not to mention the fact that I was taught by my mother that you should always have a current passport as you never know when you might need to leave the country unexpectedly. Ha ha ha. As in, sometimes there are deals on air travel that you just can’t pass up. It’s interesting. I haven’t been out of the country in seven years (which is a long time for me), and yet I think if I didn’t have a passport, I’d feel trapped. I mean, I love my country, but there’s something comforting about knowing I can leave it at any time.

7 thoughts on “in the mail

  1. What a great scale! I’ve been wanting to get a kitchen scale for awhile now. That one looks perfect. Maybe if Uncle Sam sends me a nice letter today I can add it to my shopping list instead of my wanting list.

  2. Very cool happiness in the mail- esp the letter that you are getting additional money- awesome! That scale looks cool, and those shoes are so cute and look comfy to boot.

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