take it and run thursday – gear, gadgets, and equipment

I have done a lot of writing about running. It is what consumed the better part of my summer and fall last year. So, with a post about gear, gadgets, and equipment, I decided to search my archives, and what did I find? This post, which is surprisingly appropriate, given the fact that it’s about running 13.1 miles, which is what I’ll be doing Saturday morning in Moab, UT, with three of my favorite runners; Anne, Christy, and Jen (who I’ll meet IRL tomorrow when I pick her up at the airport…I’m so excited!!!).

There’s also this post which has a picture of some of my favorite items, and yours truly after a nine mile run in June (oh how I miss the summer).

And just because I think music is necessary “equipment”, here’s a post with lots of downloadable goodness.

For more exciting info on other runners’ favorite gear, gadgets, and equipment, visit Take It and Run Thursday over at the Runners’ Lounge blog. Great stuff!

8 thoughts on “take it and run thursday – gear, gadgets, and equipment

  1. good luck. i’m really curious about that sport shield stuff. does it really work? how necessary would you say all of your gear is?

  2. Oh, have FUN in Moab! (jealous, pregnant, jealous, pregnant, jealous….)THanks for the great gear tips–invaluable! I am so VERY behind the times as far as running technology.I love your multi-colored clippies best of all, though. Now THAT’S great gear 🙂

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