back in the saddle

Since finishing my first marathon, I have been running a total of three times. And two of those times were for races. Three times in three months…nice. With an injury, work, school, applications, interviewing, traveling, holidays, volunteering and my social life (yes, my social life beats exercise hands down…which is why I am so happy when I can combine the two), running got put on the back burner.

I decided to not be too hard on myself and told myself that I would get back into it once the tonsils had healed (which they are not entirely, but I’m clear to exercise as it’s been two weeks). So that is what I did today. Yesterday, I decided to ease my way back into things with a little Hip Hop Abs action (one of the great benefits of living alone…I can do workout videos anytime I want with no fear of mocking!)

Anyway, I’m in training for my next race, the Canyonlands Half Marathon, and I have every intention of PR-ing (I love forming my own gerunds) and if that’s what I want to accomplish, I have got to get my arse in gear. And today was the day to start. Thank goodness for treadmills.

I packed my bag this morning, and then realized that I had forgotten part of the Nike+. That was almost enough to make me not go running. I wanted my run recorded in my iPod. But, somehow I managed to get over that, and off to the gym I went right after work!

For anyone who has been through the cycle of working out, not working out, and working out again, you know just how not fun and not easy the “working out again” part of the cycle is. The excuses are endless. Discouragement and hope seem to fight it out in your head daily. Just under three months ago I ran 26.2 miles…and today? Well, 3.3 miles almost killed me. This is the battle of my life, and it’s a battle I intend to keep fighting. So I was a snail today, and every part of me hurt, and I thought my lungs were going to collapse and my heart was going to explode. I survived, and the next run will be better!

Onward and upward, right?

14 thoughts on “back in the saddle

  1. 18 months, it took me 18 month to get to where I was before my marathon. The only advice I have is keep doing those races, they’re the only motivation you’ll have. Also, you’ll be surprised how after not running very far for a few months you can still easily whip out 13.1 miles- especially when it’s down hill.

  2. Keep up the good attitude; life’s all about the ebb & flow, right? Don’t think of it as “start/stop/start,” just look at the bigger picture & your overall continuity. That being said, the “back to the gym” day really sucks.

  3. Even though the first time back was, well, ICK, hooray for doing it!! You are right–the next few times WILL be better.

  4. welcome to running life … hard to do, guilt if you don’t. it’s all about spicing things up. try some treadmill workouts on iTunes that sync with your Nike+. you might already know about them, but they rock for getting in those stupid treadmill runs. bleh!

  5. Chloe I am SO SORRY about your tonsillectomy! I had mine out when I was 26 and I thought I would DIE! And yes, Percocet was my friend too! I don’t even remember the first week after – it was awful! But take it easy on yourself. It took me a while (I starte back around 3 weeks but took me another month after that to get back up to speed) to get back into running and exercising and really “recover”. I know they say 2 weeks, but I wasn’t back to “normal” really for 2 months! But I’ve been so much healthier since. Anyway, good luck and I’m sorry! Hang in there!

  6. Glad to hear you are feeling better! And yay for you on getting out there after your surgery and exercising.I’m in the “working out again” stage and it’s killing me. I can’t believe what a wimp I turned into. How is it that we can lose all we’ve worked for so quickly??

  7. right there with you friend!but i love having the motivation of the 1/2 to carry me through the wheezing.i saw a great quote in shape mag the other day… something along the lines of “doing something is better than doing nothing. and doing nothing is NEVER and option”.so yay for you for running anyway!PS- i ordered my roadID today and i’m so excited to get it!

  8. I am so familiar with this cycle and this time of year is so rough. I went walking/running yesterday and it was harder to get my butt out the door than to actually go. Baby steps. Glad you are feeling good enough to go!

  9. S.O.S. I need help… What is the deal with google reader. I can’t find the place anymore to add people. Suggestions? You do have a PhD in blogging. :)Laura

  10. At least you went! That’s one step further than I usually get! Good job for getting ‘back in the saddle’ (I think I need to GET a saddle…hmm)

  11. yep- i feel this post. i haven’t been running, but i miss it! i want to run and cannot. 😦 i am looking forward to the end of the month when i receive clearance and yet i dread the fact that i will be sucking wind and possibly really unprepared for canyonlands! i shall increase my pool running to compensate. 🙂

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