christmas 2007

I’m not going to bore you all with the details of my Christmas. It was absolutely fantastic, minus the tonsillectomy recovery part (although…I must say that it was totally worth it). We had a fabulous time at a condo in Park City with the entire family in tow.
T. loves “big boys” and was quite attached to Grandpa during the trip. He also loved playing with his cousin, J., who is so good with him. I wish I’d gotten a picture of them together.My dad brought this tree up from P-town and my brother brought the lights. Bows were courtesy of Wal-Mart. Not bad, considering we weren’t at home!T. was the only child there on Christmas itself and he definitely made out. Trains, trains and more trains.
Kind of a random picture while waiting for our table to be ready, but I wanted to throw it in because I think B. looks so cute in it. The process of trying to get all of the kiddies in one picture. Good times had by all…and with my lack of auto-focus, well…you can see that they are great pictures.
I love hanging out with my fam, especially the nieces and nephews. One of my favorite things is to do things with them that my mom would have done, if she were still alive. So this year, we baked sugar cookies and decorated them, the way she would have. Homemade dough, homemade frosting (which, incidentally, was not that good…I didn’t take the time to find the real recipe), and decorating with pastry bags, frosting tips, and sprinkles.
B. with her 3-D angel. We bought new cookie cutters (or as my dad corrected me, “dough cutters”) that create three dimensional cookies. Unfortunately, the moving to the cookie sheet and rising in the oven made it so only a few actually worked. But the ones that did looked great!
J. decorated this amazing tree! It was quite the masterpiece of frosting. I love that, even at 13, he will still hang out with us (sometimes).
B. with her cookies…putting the head back on her decapitated snowman.
I also finally felt good enough to play in the snow on Sunday, so we had a great time sledding and building a snowman (my dad is so good at getting the details taken care of…he was all ready with the eyes, nose, mouth, and hat, which even had hat pins, or nails) before all of the troops headed home. The good news is that some extended family is still in town, so I didn’t get too depressed once the house emptied out. It’s funny how that happens. I am such a homebody sometimes!My grandma’s beautiful tree, with large lights. This is what it has always looked like and I love the tradition.
And here’s my own little self-portrait a little late (I think the ornament one was weeks ago).

4 thoughts on “christmas 2007

  1. What a great Christmas! I lovet that you remembered your mother…so touching. I am glad to hear you are feeling better!

  2. Nice to see you in the last ornament! 🙂 Love the snowman and the sugar cookies. Oh, AND I am lovin’ your new blog do.

  3. Looks like a successful Christmas. I got a little teary thinking of your mom and the wonderful Christmases we spent together. I need a better picture of J – we still have hoopes of arranging a marriage of him and my K!

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