nobody puts Baby in a corner

Yes…I do have the raddest friends ever.

The following are poorly shot videos (sorry if they make you a little sea sick), captured with my Nikon Coolpix point and shoot (I thought it would be handy to have for pictures…but didn’t even consider the video possibilities). Oh, and for some reason, I feel the need to talk in a different voice when filming…I mean, my voice is fairly high-pitched, but it’s amazing on the video.

We went skating for Sarah’s b-day (it was Kelly’s first time) and then over to Emily and Jacob’s for a bit o’ fun with Karaoke Revolution, where Richard and Bre stole the show.

3 thoughts on “nobody puts Baby in a corner

  1. I want to come! Also, Richard and Bre should use that second video in their wedding video. Also, Sarah’s hair is long! And wonderful! I miss you guys!

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