the list…

So, I got a comment about how my gratitude posts are boring. I can definitely appreciate the sentiment. I also have had some people ask me about what I crossed off my list. To that I would like to say, had you been reading my boring (and I do acknowledge that the gratitude stuff is not so interesting, but with two more applications, a class and volunteer work, that’s what you get…although I do have a couple of great posts formulating in my head) gratitude posts you would know that I didn’t cross anything off of my list because I decided something else was more important.

However, I was going to go skydiving, which I am going to do in January.

ETA: I don’t really care that the commenter said anything…although it was fun to track her down and figure out that she (or he…who knows) made the comment from a computer on the campus where I work. I love technology!

13 thoughts on “the list…

  1. Oooh! I love your list!I was just thinking about my “tdbid” (to do before i die ) list the other day and realizing that I need to update it. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Huh. I wonder why marge felt the need to express that to you, especially if you don’t know who she is! You can’t please everyone.Personally, I enjoy your gratitude posts, I think it’s a great exercise, and I adore the quotes. So there!

  3. Keep up with the gratitude posts! They are wonderful reminders to us all to treasure the little things in life that we sometimes neglect to view as true blessings.Good luck with all your applications!

  4. I have enjoyed ALL of your grateful posts and the thoughtful quotes at the bottom too. Your attitude of gratitude theme has inspired me to try it on my blog. I agree it can change your perspective–gratitude is powerful and in no way boring. 🙂

  5. I just noticed your quotes for October. The one from Goose Girl is one of my favorites. I think I cried when I read that part.

  6. Obviously many of us have enjoyed reading about the things that you are most grateful that day. Someone e-mailed me once saying some pretty negative things about my blog- totally anonymous- and I just replied that while feedback is always appreciated, they were invited to stop reading if they didn’t like what I had to say. I just don’t get some people! Keep on keepin’ on!

  7. I love your gratitude posts! I’ve felt inspired. (i’m mentally sticking my tongue out at the boring-commenter) Wanna go TP their house?…

  8. I am grateful for your thankful posts. I am proud of you for becoming the woman you are, because you were a brat :)Love you!!!

  9. First, if someone has a problem with your blog, they should just save them the time by not reading it. I happen to really enjoy your blog. It is always thoughtful and smart, and always makes me stop and reflect on what you are saying. Second, as far as birth order. . . I guess it is similar to which came first the chicken or the egg, as far as our personality traits go. Who knows? But, it is interesting. I just don’t want to mess them up.

  10. I like your grateful posts too. Please ignore marge. Thankful people inspire others to be thankful!! It is contagious and I like it. So please continue.

  11. I just want to say that people who read your blog and tell you that your post is boring are rude. It’s YOUR blog. You’re not writing for our entertainment. I don’t know if you’re mad about that comment but I AM! (Whatever, we’ll talk about it tomorrow.)I want to tell you that I love your grateful posts. They’re totally inspiring. But mine are probably considered “boring” too I guess since I haven’t had a comment. But I don’t care. My blog is for me and that’s what I wanted to post!

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