16 thoughts on “one word wednesday – baking

  1. I’m glad everyone’s enjoying the photos. Sarah – thanks for helping bake and being my personal photographer.Lisa – I’m glad you liked them. Any excuse to bake. Next baby shower??? ;-)Cristin – the tart recipe is already on the blog… here.

  2. Oh…I’ll post the cheesecake, but it’s the one that came on my mini cheesecake pan box, so I don’t know how well it would work otherwise.

  3. Um… yeah… can I have one of those? And by the way, missy, where is your apron? You look to good to be baking. By the way, I started a blogspot blog. beamish6.blogspot.com – check me out :)Love you!

  4. ok great photos, darling dress, i want to lick my screen – ok that sounds gross, but i am keeping it.djgpbmhu and this was my word verification – i think the longest one i have ever typed.

  5. Seriously, I cannot thank you enough!Where did you get the cute little tart pans…I want to make those for some event! Ooohh, those would be cute for baby blessing snacks.

  6. Hillary – I am super chef…no apron necessary. Actually, they were in my apartment and I was cooking in the “big house”, as I like to call it.Kristi – You are hilarious! The laughter that accompanied that visual was much needed.Cindy – When you move into town and decide to have a “Welcome Cindy to Salt Lake” party, just invite me and I’ll brings some beautiful food.Amanda – The tart pans…as always…are from Williams-Sonoma. Just think “part-time job”.

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