The play by play of my 10 miler along with my playlist are coming…in the meantime, just be glad that you aren’t me right now. For various reasons. Not the least of which is the fact that I have to take a practice GMAT before my class begins on Monday. The GMAT is a computerized test that takes four hours. Needless to say, I am less than excited.

Update: 7/9/07 2:00 am…the practice test is over. I’m glad I took the time to study before hand. My course begins tomorrow (okay, today, but after I sleep a little and work a lot) and the course guarantees to increase one’s score by 100 points. Ergo, the need to do well on the practice test. The higher the score on it, the higher my guaranteed score on the real deal and since my college experience involved more time skiing (note to self: season passes to Sundance are a bad Christmas gift for children in college) than sitting in class, my GMAT score is key.

7 thoughts on “saturday

  1. Oh, and it is a “take the course again for free” deal, but even if you improve that much, you can take it over and over again. It’s a pretty good deal.

  2. Oh…I’m taking the class because with my GPA (I’m feeling your pain) a 700 is like the minimum I need. And no, I don’t have to take the GRE, thank goodness!

  3. Well, if you’re scoring in the 700s you’ll probably have a pretty good shot at being accepted most places. Do schools want the GRE as well as the GMAT or just the GMAT? Preparing for 2 big tests would be even worse. (though I’ll probably take the GRE this fall so I can apply to some dual programs) I’m guessing that 100 point gaurantee is a “take the course again for free” type of gaurantee rather than a money back deal. When are you taking the actual GMAT?I thought about taking a course before doing the LSAT and probably should have, but I’m pretty happy with the score I got on the actual test. (Unfortunately I have a pretty horrible undergrad gpa- so even a good score doesn’t mean I can get into great schools)

  4. Anne…well wishes are always welcome. Even a bit en retard.Mike…I got a 700, so they won’t be improving my score by 100 points. I have no expectation of getting a perfect score. As for which school I want to go to…it’s complicated. You know, what I want vs. what makes sense vs. what I feel is the “right” place for me to be. Oh, and there’s the small matter of being accepted. Ha ha ha!

  5. Oops! I mean course. Too bad it isn’t yesterday or that comment would have been accurate. See what I get when I try to comment WAY too early in the morning?! I’m tired!!

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