www – week 4

Another week down…and it was a good one!

First, a few little tidbits about the things I am learning and loving.

1. Skinny Cow Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sandwiches. I am loving these. They are three points, which may seem like a lot. But, for a girl who LOVES ice cream, I think these are fantastic.

2. My salad spinner is my new best friend. Oh, how I miss the days of my Williams-Sonoma discount. And yes, it is just Williams-Sonoma, not Williams and Sonoma. The salad spinner makes washing all types of lettuce (or herb) über convenient and ensures that you won’t have water logged produce. Every household in Europe has one, so I’m not sure why they haven’t caught on here…although I have a few theories, most of which include fast food.

3. Good knives are also hi on my friends list. Seriously, they make such a big difference. Since I’m cooking a lot more than I have in the past year, and cutting up lots of vegetables, herbs, etc., having good knives is key. Even if you can only afford one, do it. And then guard it with your life and whatever you do, do not wash it in the dishwasher. No. Matter. What. As a first (and possible only) good knife, I highly recommend a santoku. The link takes you to a particular one, but really, Henkels, Wustof, or Global are all good brands. I also recommending purchasing that knife at Williams-Sonoma, not just because I worked there. Their customer service is amazing. I’ve had two knives that had some rust issues, and they exchanged them, no questions asked. And it wasn’t at the store where I had worked, either.

4. Cold Stone makes me happy. I went twice this week. How can I go to Cold Stone twice in one week and think that I’m going to lose weight? I just adjusted. Cold Stone has these Healthy Indulgences, as they call them. I love the Sinless Sweet Cream ice cream with strawberries and coconut. It’s absolutely delicious. And now I get a “Like it!”, instead of a “Love it!”. It’s amazing how the little drops in the bucket add up…or, in this case, taking the little drops out, helps.

5. I tried really hard to stop eating at least two hours before going to bed and that seemed to work well. Plus, I don’t like going to sleep with food in my stomach.

6. Instead of making caramel corn when I was craving it, I made some light microwave popcorn and put a little (very little) butter on it (spray butter would probably have been ideal) and then tossed a couple Tbsp’s of brown sugar on it. I got the salty and sweet without all of the calories.

7. When I got home from the grocery store on Saturday, I went Sharpie happy. What does that mean? I went through every packaged food item and wrote the serving size and the point value on the package. That way, I don’t have to mess with my calculator every time I want to eat something. I can just look at the package. Very, very helpful.

8. I have learned that planning to eat out with friends is essential to my success. I think part of the reason I have failed in the past is that I have altered my lifestyle to the point that I am miserable. Not only am I an emotional eater, I am a social eater (pretty much, I just really enjoy food) and I love that social interaction. I love sharing a good meal with good friends. So, I make sure to plan at least one meal out with friends during the week. This helps both my waistline and my budget. How can eating out help my budget? I’m only doing it once a week (okay, sometimes it’s twice) instead of daily, or sometimes twice a day. And by making sure I have that experience, I don’t feel deprived at all.

9. Buying good ingredients and planning good meals has also been very important. Part of the reason I often like to eat out is that a meal at a restaurant is often more appealing than a tortilla and cheese, or whatever I can throw together. If I actually have meals planned and I make something from a recipe (I’m a good cook, but I struggle without a recipe), I get excited about them, which totally minimizes my desire to eat out. I actually look forward to the cooking experience, because I know my food will taste good.

10. Which leads me to my last tidbit before the reveal…Tandoori-Spiced Grilled Shrimp with Mint-Cilantro Chutney*. This was my favorite meal of the week, which I ended up eating on two separate occasions because it was so good. I just added some grilled tortillas (because I don’t keep a supply of naan on hand) and my meal was complete. It was delicious! As both an Indian and seafood fan, I loved this. And the chutney tastes just like what you get at the restaurants. So, so, so good. And yes, cooking is time consuming, and it feels even more so when cooking for one (which is what I am often doing), but it’s totally worth it when you make good food. Plus, all that time spent in the kitchen makes me feel like I’m doing more eating than I actually am and it allows me to construct new posts in my head and contemplate the meaning of life.

Okay, so now to the good stuff (although I think I lost this much partially because of the puking episode on Wednesday)…I lost 3.6 lbs this week! Bringing the total to…13 lbs in four weeks. I have to say that I am feeling pretty good about things and have not felt deprived at all…but maybe that’s because when the World Class Chocolate was calling out to me last week, I just gave in.

*If you decide to make the shrimp, don’t be intimidated by the whole toasting/grind of the spices. I substituted pre-ground spices for their freshly ground and it still tasted great. I like to cook, but I’m not crazy.

5 thoughts on “www – week 4

  1. Great entry! I love salad spinners too, but, for some totally incomprehensible reason, I don’t own one. This clearly needs to be remedied and quickly.

  2. I’ve been wanting a salad spinner since I was seven and my mom’s broke. Why, pray tell, have I never bought one, when I’ve spent tons of money on other random purchases?!

  3. I love the Skinny Cow treats too, my favorite is the coffee–but they’re all yummy.I need to try a salad spinner. It would make everything faster I’m sure, then I’d be more willing to do it. :)Great progress with WW. That’s wonderful!!!

  4. Good job on the weight loss! That is awesome. It always feels good to have such a good result! I agree Skinny Cow’s are wonderful! I have a lot of great tips that have helped me a ton. 1.Aunt Millies 5 grain light fiber for life is good. 1 point (2 slices) 80cal. 1g fat 5g fiber. You can have a sandwitch with turkey, light mayo, and veggies.2.Fiber 1 bars are good too. thay have2 diffrent kinds Choc. and pean ut butter. I like the peanut butter a little better. There are 5 in a box. 2 points 150cal. 4.5g fat 9g fiber. They do have 9g of sugar, so be careful of that. 3.Orville Redenbacher’s 94% Fat free popcorn is good. I like the kettle corn. I think that they butter needs a little more of something… but parkay has the butter spray. 0 cal 0 fat. a good choice for the popcorn.points diffrent with kettle corn and butter.4. Mission Tortillas-Carb balance are awesome! 2 points 1 tortilla- 110 cal. 2.5 g fat 11g fiber.5. Salad dressing is my love. There are a few that are really good. Ken’s steak house Fat Free Raspberry Pecan is good 1 point 50cal. 0g fat.Kraft Light Asian toasted sesame is my current fav. 1 point 60 cal. 3g fat 6. I have a huge sweet tooth, but most of the time I don’t want to use my points on sweets. one thing you can do is get fat free sugar free jello cups and fat free sugar free cool whip. You can have one for 0 points! 7. No Puge bownie mix. You make it with Yogart, and you can make just one serving in the microwave. They you get the fix without eating the entire pan. That is a few tips I have learned. they are easy things to do… I know because my life is busy!Also another thing… I have heard from a dietition that if you have 35g of fiber in a day your body will no longer absorb fat… so eat up on the fiber!Oh one more thing that helps me. I take my points slider shopping with me. If I do not think the points are worth it in the store I do not bye it… sometimes there are lower points options for the same food.

  5. Good for you Chloe!! I totally agree about the salad spinner, how can people not use one? My new challenge is figuring out how I can make space on my counter to leave it out all the time, to encourage me to eat more veges of course. And yes, yes, yes on the skinny cow cookie and cream!!! We love them, they are super good- and we know ice cream. And as for the knives- they do make a huge difference. Cooking is so fun and since we rarely eat out anymore we have found that we actually enjoy making our own stuff even more, and usually it tastes better!

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