spt – through the eyes of love

“This week’s challenge is interactive. a little less “self-portrait,” a little more “self-love.” Now, go ahead and hand your camera to the person on your left. No-one there? Okay, how about this: hand your camera to your little, your husband, your aunt, your best friend. Have them snap your photo. Ask them to share with you one thing they love about you in the picture. Make sure you share their comments when you post your spt.

Next step: take a good long look at your new photo. Think about the response you got from the photographer. Did they love your eyes? Did they love your goofy expression? Did they love your red shirt?Do you see the same things? Do you love the same things they love? Had you forgotten that you love your smile? Or your freckles? Go ahead… fall in love with yourself again! I can’t wait to *see* you through new eyes on Tuesday!”

So, here’s my picture. I didn’t actually have this picture taken for this purpose, but being that I’m in Arizona and don’t have my friends around who would help me out with this (and my sister just doesn’t get my blogging obsession), I thought I’d use this picture that my friend, Kelly took when we were at Happy Sumo a while ago. I didn’t love this picture. I had kind of rushed out the door to work that morning, pulling my hair back really fast without applying any makeup and I felt kind of grungy. But then, Kelly emailed it to me and said how much she liked it and how cute she thought it was.

I’m sure I responded that I didn’t love it, because that’s what I do. But the more I’ve looked at it, the more I like it, too. I like that I just look genuinely happy…and I like my smile.

Thanks, Lelly, for another great challenge.

3 thoughts on “spt – through the eyes of love

  1. that really is a great photo! I always do that with pictures. Friends will say – oh, i love you in this photo – and all I will ever notice is my double chin or zits or how my hair isn’t curling exactly how i like it. That really is a good challenge.

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