spt – the colors of your world

So, in the blogosphere, there are some people who do this thing called Self-Portrait Tuesday. I love the idea, so I’ve decided to participate. The challenge this week…the colors of your world.

Well, my world right now consists of a very, very small space over the garage and under the roof. I live in this little 350 sq. ft. studio that is always cluttered (because, well, it’s 350 sq. ft.). And while I’d be happy to share pictures of the chaos, I don’t think they’d do a very good job at showing the “colors of my world”, since this isn’t really “my” world, but more my dad’s (I’m living under his roof).

Instead, I dug through old photos to find some that show my favorite color. Or colors, as it changed sometime before my senior year in high school. When I was little I loved purple. I wanted purple everything, or more specifically, lavendar.

And then, somewhere along the way, I decided green was my favorite color. Maybe it’s because my eyes are green. Maybe it’s because my mom’s eyes were green. Maybe it’s because green goes with anything. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the beautiful Bay Area, where the hills and trees are green through most of the year. Whatever it is, I love green. And, while there are some greens that I don’t like, there are many more that I do, although, if I had to narrow it down, my favorite green is probably celadon. Partly because the name of it comes from a French name (and I love all things French), partly because it’s fun to say, but mainly because I think it is a really pretty green.

And the nice thing with having like green and purple as favorite colors is that they look so good together.

2 thoughts on “spt – the colors of your world

  1. Welcome to SPT–I loved reading yours. In eighth grade I was on yearbook committee and we lobbied for a “teal” and purple yearbook cover. It turned out great, I agree it’s a nice combo.

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