My feet were killing me because I wore my old running shoes yesterday for a five-miler, which was not smart, and then I felt the need to wear pink pumps to work that are normally only slightly uncomfortable. However, today they were completely unbearable.

Me: Office Manager
Naomi: Former Student Receptionist turned Temporary Head Receptionist
Britney: Student Receptionist

It’s 4:20. We’re at work.

Me (after walking to pull papers off the printer and seeing multiple people on my way there): I’m totally barefoot and no one has even noticed.

Naomi (in British): That’s totally fine.

Me: It’s really not. I’m your boss. I wouldn’t let you walk around barefoot.

Naomi (always in British, because she is British): Seriously it’s fine.

Britney: Except that it’s against the Honor Code.

Me: I should probably put my shoes back on. I don’t want to lose my job.

Naomi: I’d be more concerned about losing your honor.

One of the many reasons I love my job…and my employees.

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