pretty pink matchboxes

This last weekend I went down to Arizona for my sister’s baby shower. I was down there for four days to finish painting Baby’s room and do the last minute, need to be there things for the shower. The hardest thing was figuring out the favors. Finally, we settled on Paradise Bakery cookies (something I truly miss about AZ) in cellophane bags with a ribbon. Well, that was all fine and good, until I went into Michael’s and saw Martha Stewart’s super cute pink match/favor boxes. In the words of Martha, it was a good thing.

I had purchased personalized M&M’s online in two shades of pink and I was going to use them for a “guess the number” type of game, but when I saw these matchboxes, the wheels started turning. I ended up purchasing them (shocking, I know, since I never make impulse buys like that). I got 32 for $8, which I felt was a pretty good deal. I also purchased these adorable pink, plastic safety pins…I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them, but they were too cute to leave in the store.

I got back to my sister’s and put one of the boxes together, decided it needed a little something, found some 1″ white grosgrain ribbon, pulled out the safety pins and asked for a glue gun. I have to say that I think they turned out pretty cute. An hour, a few glue sticks and an additional pound of white M&M’s later, I had 32 beautiful pink matchboxes filled with personalized reminders of my sister and her baby.

bueller?... bueller?... bueller?

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