guitar playin’ fool

I was over at Jen’s house a couple of weeks ago and noticed her guitar sitting there, looking a little neglected (I can’t imagine why, given her newlywed status) and so I pulled it out and started messing around with it. Learning to play the guitar is on “the list”, but that’s a little difficult when you don’t own one. She told me I could borrow it (did I ever mention that I have the greatest friends), so the guitar came home with me that night, along with a tuner and a couple of books.

I am proud to say that I can now play (albeit poorly) Amazing Grace and I’m quite please with myself…however, I am not the “guitar playin‘ fool” (in the good sense). My dad gets that title. We were both taking a little break from yard work the Saturday morning after I brought it home and I mentioned to him that I had just about taught myself how to play one song. His eyes lit up and he got all excited and asked me to bring it inside. The next 20 minutes consisted of my dad playing and singing the songs he could remember how to play and sing. It was quite entertaining. Just one more reason I love my dad.

I love that you can see how much fun he’s having in these pictures!

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