isn’t it ironic…

Maybe ironic isn’t the best word, but it’s something. Anyway, my dad and his wife had some people over for dinner today and served it on paper plates in the dining room…and his wife kept commenting on how nice it was going to be to have such an easy clean up. Okay, I’m sorry and I try, but really, commenting in front of your guests that it will be so nice to clean up after them because you’ve used paper plates when you live in the house they live in just strikes me as inappropriate. Now, I have nothing against paper plates, except on Sunday, in the dining room when you live in the house they live in and you’ve invited people over. And really, if it’s not a family thing or a party of some sort (birthday, shower, bbq, etc.) then I think I do have something against paper plates.

But, what made this event so much more entertaining was that, after the guests left, my dad needed to mix some paint for this model he’s building (another story for another day) and pulled one of the nice, glass bowls out of the cupboard to do it.

For whatever reason, this just struck me as extremely funny.

bueller?... bueller?... bueller?

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