ten random thoughts for a random day…

1. New favorite song – “Sunny Road” by Emiliana Torrini. I love it. It fits my mood lately.

2. There are not enough hours in the day when finals creep up on you and papers need to be finished.

3. I cannot wait to have time to exercise again…with everything I’ve got going on sleep and exercise are at the bottom of the priority list…just ahead of watching t.v. So sad!

4. I’m forcing myself to write a paragraph between each of these entries so that I can get my darn paper done. Why do we have to write papers anyway? I mean, I’m just regurgitating something someone else already thought or wrote…I wish that somehow I could translate my thoughts into papers, because my thoughts are so fluid, but something always gets lost in translation.

5. I hate when I really like a song, but then the artist has to stick some lame-o beginning or ending on it. If I knew how to edit music, I would do it and cut out the crap. The song that I’m speaking of specifically is the guilty pleasure of the week, the edited version of “Give It to Me” by Timbaland, feat. Nelly Furtado and JT. Yes, it’s sad, but it’s soooo good. No, I haven’t listened carefully to the lyrics. I’m sure I would be appalled if I did, which is why I haven’t.

6. Next Thursday, pass or fail, sink or swim, I will be done with all of my classes and “free at last”…well, until studying for the GMAT begins.

7. I cannot wait for this semester to be over so that I can get my computer fixed…my BRAND NEW computer that should not be having any problems.

8. I have finally figured out that since there is not one specific thing I am super, intensely, wickedly passionate about (and I cringe to end that phrase with a preposition, but it sounds too formal otherwise), I have to do something that allows me to do all of the things I am interested in. For instance, I would not want to scuba dive for a living, but I love diving, so I need to do something that a) makes me enough money and b) gives me vacation time so that I can dive.

9. Today (which is now yesterday) was one of those days when I just felt blessed that my trials were my own and those of others were theirs. Those are my best days, not because they are necessarily good days, but because those are the days when I feel I have a purpose and that God knows me and knows exactly what I can and cannot handle.

10. My consulting team will present to our faculty advisor at 12:30 today (Friday). Why is it that I am always more nervous for the dress rehearsal than for the actual performance? I hate that about myself.

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