pretty purple (and blue and green) butterfly…

If I had one wish (besides the obvious “World Peace”, I would wish that I could be a professional hobbyist (not to be confused with lobbyist…a profession that would require way to much commitment on my part). I would be so super successful. Between the voice lessons, cooking, cake decorating, running, writing, blogging, music listening, reading, photographing (I’ve decided, after drooling over KP’s camera yesterday, that a digital SLR will be my next big–correction–huge investment), hiking, scuba diving, traveling, makeup applying (although, I did do that professionally for a while), etc, etc, etc, I would never run out of things to do. Is there such a thing as a professional amateur? Hmm, how could I market that? Better question, how could I finance it?

In any case, here’s the first attempt at cake decorating…at least in a class setting. I must admit that I was quite pleased with the results.

And after…

I have to thank Jen for letting me borrow the cake pan and other supplies. And I must thank my mother for the countless occasions on which she baked dozens of sugar cookies, whipped pounds of powdered sugar and shortening into frosting and let us (and often several of our friends) make a mess decorating our hearts out.

Oh, another hobby/amateur profession (yep, I know that’s an oxymoron) for the list…award acceptance speech writing. Ha ha ha! Do you ever write something, then read it and think, “Wow, I’m an even bigger dork than I thought I was”?

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