Swedish pancakes…

Now, I couldn’t tell you the recipe because we don’t have one written down. It’s as many eggs as you have people (give or take a few) and then equal parts flour and milk, but how much depends on the number of eggs. Add a dash of salt and a heaping spoonful of melted shortening and you have Swedish pancake batter. Somehow, I’ve picked it up over the years. Sometimes I do better than others, but Grandma always makes them perfectly. And now, I have it documented.

4 thoughts on “Swedish pancakes…

  1. Or you can call them BIG EGG PANCAKES as the Miles family does. I do have the recipe for those. My kids seem to like mine better than my dads. I am the only child out of us 7 that makes them. opefully my kids will make them…

  2. Nothing really…other than my great-grandmother called them “Swedish Pancakes” because she was Swedish. And we always eat them with butter and sugar…sometimes powdered, but usually granulated.

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