when bad things happen to good people (or at least those attempting to be good)…

I was at work yesterday, getting ready to leave. I pulled my phone out so that I could get a number and make a phone call from the land line before I left (I don’t get any reception in the basement where my office is). I flipped open my Razr (not a fan of flip phones, p.s. and by the way) only to have the screen suddenly go black. My phone was dead. Completely dead.

I left my phone at home one day last year and thought the world would end. How was I supposed to make the ten minute drive from work to home without making a phone call? (I didn’t notice in the morning because I apply my mascara and lip gloss on the drive…every morning.) It was ridiculous.

Well, seeing that I was that frustrated when I left my phone at home, you can imagine my chagrin when I realized that my phone was dead. Dead, dead, dead. And then, and I know you can all relate to this, imagine my horror at the realization that I had saved all of my numbers to my phone and not my SIM card. Although, there was still hope that Cingular would be able to somehow get my numbers for me.

Off to the Cingular store I went. I don’t know if any of you have had a cell phone die before while it was still under warranty. Let me just say this, I’m not sure what your definition of “warranty” is, but Cingular and I did not exactly see eye to eye on this point. To them, “warranty” means that I have a dead phone, they send me a new one (ground, unless I want to pay extra) and then I send my old one back to them. The new phone comes with no battery and no back, and is not actually new at all, but refurbished. Warranty, my arse! My favorite, though, is when the guy at the store tells me that lots of people have had problems with the Razr…but unless I want to pay for a new phone, that’s my only option.

I try really hard not to get upset at the people trying to help me. I know (when I am calm enough to be logical) that it is not their fault. But seriously, five days without a phone? How is anyone expected to survive that? (That is a rhetorical question, for those of you who don’t have cell phones). But that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was when the Cingular agent on the phone (how many people does it take to tell you that you’re not getting a new phone?) told me that, since the screen was dead, there was no way to recover my numbers. What?! No way?! How is that possible?! Those numbers are my life. I don’t even know how to get a hold of my dad without my phone. Who memorizes phone numbers anymore? Or writes them down? (Once again, rhetorical).

Thankfully, the Cingular guy that helped me in the store found a returned phone that he said he could conveniently “lose” and left it on the counter for me to take while he looked the other way. It’s not in the best condition, but it’s better than nothing. Five days before I get my new “used” phone. Ridiculous!

I’d like to say that I now feel the need to not rely on technology so much, or to write down numbers, or whatever, but it’s probably not true (even if it is a nice thought). I am sad that I lost all of my numbers (that’s right, I no longer have your number, so if you haven’t heard from me in days, it’s not personal…please call me and leave me your number!), but I think I’ll manage.

So, the new voicemail greeting, “Hi, this is Chloe. My phone died and I lost all of my numbers, so if you want me to call you back, please leave a message with your number. Thanks!”

Another day, another dilemma.

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