styling dilemmas…

I chopped the hair off today…again. I went a little shorter this time because my hair grows so freaking fast and I can’t afford to get it done every six weeks (since I no longer work for a salon), as most stylists would recommend. I managed eight weeks this time around and I was DYING. So, hopefully I’ll make it that long again, with a little less pain.

I must admit, though, that I’d much rather have hair that grows too fast and is too thick than the opposite. I love watching my stylist, Laura, thin out my hair. It’s a fabulous thing. Laura is a fabulous thing. With every slice of the shears I can feel my head getting lighter and lighter and my blow dry time getting shorter and shorter.

Yep, there is nothing like a good cut and color (not dye) to make a girl feel fantastic…especially when she’s had a crappy week. I feel like a new person. And I am loving the new fringe (a.k.a. bangs).

The only problem with a haircut, in my opinion, is the fear that I won’t be able to style it the same way my stylist does. Why is it that, when you walk out of the salon, you feel so great, but when you are doing your hair the next morning, you get frustrated because you can’t round brush as perfectly, or flat iron as smoothly, or apply product as evenly as your stylist can?

Well, what I discovered in my years working at Dolce is that you can ask questions. So now, that’s what I do and I have to tell you, it has solved my problems. I know what products to use, how to blow dry, when to start using the round brush and how to finish my hair. And they can not only tell you what they are doing, but they can also give you suggestions of other ways to style your new do and recommend products to facilitate the different stylings. All of those of years I spent frustrated over a cut I couldn’t style…wasted.

***Follow up – I got it styled this morning. Fifteen minutes from wet to finished. Boys may not understand this…but that is a big deal.

Oh, and this has nothing to do with my post, but it made me laugh… Math.

bueller?... bueller?... bueller?

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