baby dilemmas…

Here’s the dilemma…How can I ever hope to have children as cute as the ones that my siblings have? And I’m not just talking about looks, their personalities are adorable.

Here is a photo journal of our weekend adventures…and while I do like to snap the photos, I had strict instructions from my brother to take lots of pictures since they were going to be gone for a whole weekend. Yep, he is one loved child.

Here we go:

Playing in the snow on a beautiful day in Utah. He would put his hand in it and then shake it and shake it because he didn’t like the snow sticking to it. It was hilarious.

Running around outside, enjoying the sunshine, snow and fresh air.

Funniest little grin…

Shopping at Target with his bag of bananas and strawberries, dehydrated to dissolving perfection. Really, the reason I include this picture is to document the “Andersen tongue”, a phenomenon that occurs upon intense concentration. He hasn’t yet perfected it, as this is not a moment of intense concentration, but I’m pretty sure he was focused on a little bat that Sarah was waving around in an effort to get him to look at me so I could take a picture.

Ten minutes of bundling for five minutes of play. Such is the way with little ones. He was not a big fan of the mittens, or the snow that stuck to them. He managed to shake the mittens right off so many times that I finally gave up and let him play until I could tell his hands were cold. But it was well worth the bundling to see him in his snow gear.

And he found a mound of snow to sit on…he seriously navigated it for about a minute before finally managing to sit down. It was so funny to watch. Toddlers really are like toys for grownups. The only problem is that you have to feed them and change their diapers.

And then we baked cookies…well, I baked and he ate. He definitely has the Andersen sweet tooth. Although, I’m pretty sure his mom suffers from the same disease. He really didn’t stand a chance.Trying to feed me while I was snapping photos.His little teeth are my favorite. They are coming in so randomly.

Time to clean up after all of the fun. He loves his bath. I had to finally just drain it to get him out.

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