i have a new boyfriend!!!

Sadly, he doesn’t know it yet. His name is Joshua Radin. He seems to think this other girl is his girlfriend (the one for whom he wrote “The Fear You Won’t Fall”), but he needs to get over that.

If I could find a cute, nice boy to sing to me the way he sings…it would be over. Oh wait, I did find one…he just needs to realize it. His voice seriously makes me melt.

Schuyler Fisk opened for my boyfriend and she was great. And with the sexual tension between her and the bass player (guitar–there was a string bass player as well, but he was kind of creepy), you knew something was going on. My dreams of becoming a famous contemporary folk singer live on–and not because of the bass player :-). There’s just something so powerful about music. I love it!

My life really is fabulous! Especially now that I have a super sexy boyfriend! How lucky am I? Sarah has a new boyfriend, as well. His name is C-bass and he’s a drummer. We are the luckiest girls ever!

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