baguettes…and logan echolls

There’s this bakery off of State Street as your heading up the hill (500 West) from Provo into Orem. I have no idea what it’s called, but I went there today (all I know is that the sign read “boulangerie” and “patisserie” and anyone who has spent anytime in France knows and loves these two words). My stomach hadn’t been very happy and plain bread tends to be a good, safe bet.

Well, let me tell you. Never did I think I would find such a tasty baguette in Utah, but it was divine. One bite and I was back in Lyon, stepping into the boulangerie just outside of the Saxe-Gambetta metro stop. I tell you what, those 35 lbs that I gained on the mission (and can’t seem to keep off of me) were all worth it.

Somehow (probably because I wasn’t feeling well) I managed to resist the napoleons, palmiers, and pain au chocolat, but I don’t think I will be so lucky next time. This is one indulgence that will have to be reserved for special occasions, like after I run on Saturdays.

Oh, and digressing, I am in love with Logan Echolls (a fictitious character played by Jason Dohring on VM). He’s the total dreamy, bad boy…why do I like those types?

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