First of all, I think you should all be impressed because I ran nine miles today. That’s right, nine! Okay, well, to be totally honest I ran 7.5 and walked 1.5. Last week I ran the full eight, but this week I didn’t quite do that, although even with walking, my average pace was pretty good…I love my iPod and Nike+…fabulous purchases. In any case, it felt good.

So, I love this new running thing. Who knew it would be so great? (Actually, I did run for a while in college, but it was all about losing weight and I hated it.) I went to lunch with my friend, Allison, today and she happens to be quite the runner. When I met her as a new roommate around seven years ago, she wasn’t a runner. I don’t remember when it started, but I do remember that it started with her training for the St. George Marathon and a runner was born. When she came to visit me in Hawaii, she got up early on Saturday to run the 14 miles she needed to run as part of training (for her fourth or fifth marathon). I remember thinking that she was crazy. But now, as I am training for the Canyonlands Half-Marathon, I’m starting to understand. It is totally addictive and I am loving it. I love that, because of this goal, I workout everyday and rather than being super concerned about what I look like, I’m more concerned about training results. I lift weights because I know that stronger muscles mean better, faster runs. I love that I’m motivated to eat healthy food because I know that shedding some weight will help my knees.

I’m starting to understand people who don’t feel like their day is complete without a run…granted, in training, running every day is not the ideal, so I’m following a training schedule…but I’m starting to feel that way. There’s something very therapeutic about it. And the best part is all I need to do it are a pair of running shoes and workout clothes…and an iPod. Apple should be paying me for the marketing I do for them. 🙂

And next week, I’m up to ten miles…hopefully this week will be a great training week and I’ll be able to run all ten miles. I’m already looking forward to it!

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