missing part of me…

So, I went back to work today. Not that I was very useful. I have no voice (well, I can get some sounds out if I use all the energy I have…at the end of one sentence, I get lightheaded). And of course, the head receptionist was sick today, too (morning sickness…just one more reason to be okay being single). One of the counselors, Dawn, helped me out and answered phones. I wouldn’t have made it through the day without her.

It’s weird to have no voice, especially for someone as chatty as I am. Today was so hard. I wanted to talk. I wanted to help people. I just couldn’t. And getting lightheaded with every sentence…that’s no fun at all. Not that I have ever had the inclination to smoke, but today I really thought about how miserable it would be to not be able to talk, not be able to express myself verbally. I mean, I would still be able to write, but I love my voice. It’s only been four or five days, but I miss talking on the phone. I miss singing. I miss laughing. I miss my voice. I love my voice. That along with my eyes and my legs; my three favorite things about myself. (Okay, I like my smile, too.)

I know this is just temporary, but have you ever thought about what your life would be like if you could talk? Would you start to forget the sound of your voice? When I think something to myself, it’s always in my voice, but would my “inner voice” start to change? A person‘s voice is so much a part of who they are.

This guy, who shall remain nameless, once told me that I had a skinny voice…which led to a conversation that I don’t feel the need to repeat. What does that mean? A skinny voice? Is there such a thing as a fat voice? Anyway, my point, I would miss my voice.

So, for me, take the opportunity today (or tomorrow) and sing out loud, call someone and tell them you love them and just listen to your words, hear how they sound. Enjoy the sound of your own laughter. And if you are reading this, and you can’t, I’m sorry, but I bet you have some pretty amazing facial expressions.

bueller?... bueller?... bueller?

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