It’s official…I am bored.

So, I’m posting for the third time today. There’s only so much reading, t.v. watching and sleeping I can handle in one day. But I have discovered a new, fun thing about my “pseudo” living at home situation, my dad. He knows that I’m sick, but I’ve been holed up in my little apartment all day, partly because I haven’t felt good enough to move and partly because his wife’s daughter and her three kids are in town and have taken over the house and that’s not fun, even when I feel great. Anyway, about an hour he called me on my cell phone (from the house) to see if I needed anything, some soup or something to eat. I asked if there was any orange juice left (I had to repeat it about three times for him to understand me through the wheezing and coughing). He told me there was a little. I asked if Sharon (his wife) was home. He told me that she wasn’t. So, I said I’d come down and get the juice.

These are my favorite moments with my dad. Our little ‘impromptu’ conversations. He’s pretty funny. I’ll leave out the details of the conversation because, should Sharon ever happen to find my blog online, I wouldn’t want to incriminate my dad in anyway. But it was funny. As we were talking, he asked me if I wanted an orange. I said ‘no’. But then he peeled it and sliced it and it looked so good, so I asked for a bite. Then I asked if I could have it. He just smiled, said “sure” and proceeded to peel himself another orange. Dads are the best!

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