the productivity of boredom…

Normally, after work, I need some down time. I like to go home and just relax for a bit. The thing is, though, with no clients coming in during the break and only two counselors here, I haven’t needed that down time at home because it is so quiet at work. I have things to do, but I miss the constant stimulation of people. Instead of going home and vegging, I go home and get to work.

I am preparing to take an MBA course next semester in which I will be working on a consulting project. So, I have been “boning up”. I read an article published by the faculty advisor on my project, which I found to be very interesting–a good sign, since my purpose in taking this course is three-fold. First, to add to my resume by giving me some good, real-world experience. Second, to meet some people–and by ‘some people’ I mean the right people–to help me get into grad school. And finally, to explore if this is really the road I want to take.

So far, so good. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article, its subsequent rebuttal and the response to that rebuttal. Who knew that corporate philanthropy and shareholder wealth could be enjoyable? I did not, but I’m starting to think that I’m heading the right direction. Of course, trying to discuss the strategy of philanthropy with my dad proved to be tiresome. As one who crunches numbers all day, every day, he thought the ideas in the article were a little fluffy, but that’s why he’s a numbers person and not a strategist.

I digress…anyway, I have loved updating my blog, reading from the “Freakonomics” blog and commenting there. I have been able to email my friend, Sarah, today and she’s had the time to respond, which has helped the day pass quickly, not to mention the fact that she’s pretty entertaining.

The truth is, as one who is constantly asking questions and who doesn’t like to feel ignorant about anything (although I frequently find myself to be), I am never bored because there is always something else to read and learn.

“To acquire the habit of reading is to construct for yourself a refuge from almost all the miseries of life. ” W. Somerset Maugham

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